Child friendly Healthcare

Kids areas and Playsystems in Healthcare

It's great that you decided to work together with us when thinking about making your organisation more child friendly. Being child friendly contributes to an improved environment for everyone: children, parents and healthcare professionals.

At SLkids we use our expertise to assist healthcare organisations all over the world. Every day, children that have to visit these organisations get the opportunity to have some fun and be happy, despite the circumstances in which they find themselves. As a healthcare professional you surely know what this child friendly environment can mean for you and your organization.

With a child friendly environment your hospitality for children extends into your care provision, meaning you only need focus on the treatment and recovery of your young patients.

A fun, friendly and stimulating environment, specifically designed for children, makes the waiting more fun. The play area provides a chance for children waiting to be examined by the doctor, or of course those children who accompany their parents, to feel comfortable, allowing them to do what they do best; be a kid!

Safety is a critical factor when designing and developing our concepts: All our play systems are easy to clean, with no loose parts, requiring minimal maintenance. SLkids products are safe, TUV certified and designed for years of fun!