Child friendly Hospitality

Kids corners and playsystems in Hospitality

Businesses from around the world have given Instore Kids Corners & their in-country partners the opportunity to help them add value and enhance the customer experience. In the UK this is SLKids – a division of Sound Leisure Ltd.

We are delighted that you too decided to link with us when thinking about making your organisation more child friendly. Being child friendly contributes to an improved environment for parents and staff - as well as the kids.

We feel very privileged to be your chosen partner.

Hospitality entrepreneurs have a unique set of skills. They take something ordinary and turn it into something extraordinary. Using their skills and knowledge they add value to a standard product by changing our perception of it: they adapt their local environment to create a unique experience for their customers.

Children are among those that regularly visit these adaptive, creative, forward thinking businesses. Kids there can be found enjoying themselves because they are given a fun distraction that allows their parents to stay just that little bit longer, taking another coffee or indulging in that tasty looking slice of cake. Spending more money!

As a hospitality entrepreneur you know what such an environment can mean for you & your employees, as much as it might for your customers. You can focus on taking care of your guests: all of them - even the youngest.

Hospitality: an experience for entrepreneurs, parents and children.

Safety is a critical factor when designing and developing our concepts. All our play systems are easy to clean, with no loose parts, requiring minimal maintenance. All products from SLKids are safe, TUV certified and designed for years of fun!