Meet IKC Studio

We create customized educational games for children and develop apps for your organisation!

More than fifteen years of experience in developing kids toys by Instore Kids Corners Group is bundled in IKCstudio. All this experience, combined with a group of young, creative and fresh-minded developers, will be used to create unique game apps for children.

We believe that children should be able to be child as long as possible. IKCstudio is a major step on the road to realizing this, by developing games that are not only fun, happy and colourful, but also educational, challenging and without any negative content.

Billions of people, on 6 continents, can play with IKCstudio's apps. With the knowledge and experience we gather through this, we can also further improve our Instore products. This way, we are constantly following our philosophy: "True value is created when there's room for everyone".

IKCstudio can also offer fully customized games for the PlayTouch terminals as well as downloadable apps! We can develop fully customized apps for your organisation.

The custom Game Train Software offers you and your company many possibilities. We can fully adapt the software for your company, brand, products and of course for your youngest visitors. Curious? Please contact us for more information or download one of our games! Play store & Apple App store

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