Playconcepts for Kindergarten

We're so glad you decided to link up with SLKids as you consider introducing a kindergarten facility into your organisation. Being child friendly contributes to improving your company's environment: for children, for their parents and also for you as the temporary caretaker of the children placed in your hands.

Businesses from all over the world have given us the opportunity to help them add value and enhance the customer experience. With our play concepts close to hand, children have the opportunity to keep playing and relaxing on a daily basis.

We create complete play concepts from just 1m2 but also have an exciting range of plug and play concepts to optimise the customer experience.

Safety is a critical factor in the design, development and manufacture of our concepts. All our play systems are easy to clean, with no loose parts, requiring minimal maintenance, so the children really can play carefree. SLKids products are safe, TUV certified and designed to give years of fun!