Fun and clever play concepts for an optimal shopping route

Shopping together for new sweaters, a winter coat, boots, toothpaste, school supplies or groceries. It can be very nice, but for children it may take a bit long. How nice is it when families feel welcome? That you thought of them? That you've created a play paradise where they can play, relax and lose their energy? Children, parents and retailers will love it. Parents are relaxed and have time to do their shopping, children love to go with them and retailers are enjoying the harmonious atmosphere that is created, so they can serve their customers even better.

Turn your shopping mall into a relaxing paradise with our unique play concepts and landscapes. Colorful and educational games, soft fabrics and natural materials. All unique ingredients to take children on a journey to a world of fantasy.

By combining our experience and your commercial needs, together we will create a fun and clever play solution.