Play systems in supermarket (Albert Heijn)

Our play systems can be used in different areas so children are able to be themselves, feel relaxed and play naturally. You'll confirm to your staff and the paying customers that children are an essential part of your business by creating a child friendly environment.

When SLKids establishes a child play area in you supermarket, we do not only make sure that the children can entertain themselves with touchscreen play systems but we also make sure that it is strategically placed. Our play systems are strategically placed in clearly visible places in your shop, so that the parents, while they are grocery shopping, can keep an eye out for their children.

Parents with children will be more tempted to visit your shop if it has a play area. Children will be able to play by themselves giving the parents not only the opportunity to shop comfortably but also to be advised by you.

"The kids from today are the self-critical costumers of the future!"

We create play concepts from 1m2. In addition, we also supply plug and play concepts for the optimum customer experience.